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1-Iran`s Foreign Policy

2-Iran and World Politics

3-Iran and the Middle East

4-Iran and Great Powers

5-Iran and International Affairs(like climate change, terrorism, and pandemics). 

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Current Issue: Volume 11, Issue 32 - Serial Number 2, Summer and Autumn 2020 

Original Article

1. Iranian Exceptionalism and Iran-US Relations: From 1979 to 2021

Pages 333-357

Homeira Moshirzadeh; Ali Nazifpour

2. Diplomacy and Bureaucracy: Iran and Saudi Arabia in Two Administrations

Pages 359-382

Mehdi Zibaei; Amir Reza Ahmadi Khooy; Niloufar Baghernia

3. Containment Strategy of the United States and the United Arab Emirates Toward Iran

Pages 383-405

Mohammad Bagher khodadadi; Saeed Pirmohammadi; Hadi Gholamnia

4. American Aid to Egypt and its Impact on Egypt-Iran Relations

Pages 407-438

Elaheh Nourigholamizadeh; Zahra Amiri

5. Sanctions and Iran`s Oil Industry

Pages 439-466

Zahra Mahdavi Sabet; Mohammad Ali Abdolvand

9. Economic Diplomacy in Afghanistan: A Post-Taliban Analysis

Pages 541-565

Majidreza Momeni; Mohammad Taher Tonzai

12. Military Diplomacy: An Iranian Perspective

Pages 621-651

Hadith Asemani; Seyed Mohammad Tabatabaei

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