Editorial Board


Editorial Board

Seyed Amir Niakooee

International Relations Associate Professor, Faculty of Literature and HumanitiesDepartment of Political Science, Guilan University


A. English Articles Published in scientific Journals of Cambridge, Francis and Taylor etc: 

1. "Contemporary Arab Uprisings: different processes and outcomes". Japanese Journal of political science. Vol14, Issue 03, September 2013, Cambridge University Press. (ISI and Scopus)                                                                 



2. "Exploring the Crisis of the Reform Movement in Iran (1997–2005)", Japanese Journal of political science. Vol 17 , Issue 03, September 2016, Cambridge University Press (ISI and Scopus) 


3. "Foreign policy and Economic Developments: Iran Under Rafsanjani". Iranian Review of Foreign Affairs. (Isc Journal)  Fall 2014 




B. Persian Academic Books:

1. Amir Niakooee, "Arab Winter and Democracy Dilemma in the Middle East". Mokhatab Publication.Tehran. 2020                                                                                                         

2.  Amir Niakooee, "Army and Politics in the Middle East". Guilan University Press. 2014

3.  Amir Niakooee," The Anatomy of Arab revolutions", Mizan Publication, Tehran, 2012

4.  Amir Niakooee, "An introduction to globalization and political economy of Iran". Daneshjoo Publication, Tehran. 2009 


C. Books Translated From English to Persian and Published in Iran:

1. "The sword of Persia: Nader Shah, From tribal warrior to conquering tyrant".  by Michael Axworthy, 2006. Translated by Seyed Amir Niakooee and Sadegh Zibakalam   

2. "Security strategies and American world order". By Birthe Hansen, Peter Toft, and Anders Wiwel. Routledge. 2009. Translated by Seyed Amir Niakooee and Ahmad Jansiz

3. "Foreign Policy Analysis: New Approaches" By Chris Alden and Amnon Aran. Routledge. 2016. Translated by Seyed Amir Niakooee, Mehdi Zibaee and Reza Darvishi

4. "A Concise History of U.S Foreign Policy", By Joice P Kaufman. Rowman & Littlefield. 2017 Translated by Seyed Amir Niakooee, Ali Asghar Sotoudeh and  Zohreh Heidari            


D. Published Scientific Articles in Persian Journals

1. Seyed Amir Niakooee and Vida Haji, "Expansion of GCC-Israel relations: An explanation from the perspective of realism" World Politics, A Quarterly  Journal. Autumn 2020. https://interpolitics.guilan.ac.ir/article_4406_en.html

2. Mohammad Bagher Alitabar, Seyed Amir Niakooee and Ebrahim Motaghi ,Trump and the Middle East strategy of the U.S with ‎emphasis on Syrian crisis: continuation or discontinuation. World Politics, A Quarterly Journal. Autumn 2020
3. Seyed Amir Niakooee and Asghar Safari. Different Nuclear Strategies of Iran; Explanation from the viewpoint of Neoclassical Realism World Politics, A Quarterly  Journal. Summer 2017 https://interpolitics.guilan.ac.ir/article_2486_en.html
4. Seyed Amir Niakooee and Hossein Behmanesh. Iran's Security Strategy towards US Geopolitical Movements in the Middle East (2001- 2015). Winter 2014.
5. Seyed Amir Niakooee The Examination of the Reasons behind the Rise of Takfiri Groups in the Middle East (2011—2015). Winter 2016.
6. Seyed Amir Niakooee, The Examination of Security Crises in Iraq and Syria In light of Theories of Security. World Politics, A Quarterly  Journal. Spring 2015
7. Seyed Amir Niakooee, Mosen Asgarian , Iran's 20-year vision plan, regional rivals and the necessity of regionalism in Iran's foreign policy, International Relations Research Journal.  Winter 2016. http://www.iisajournals.ir/article_41991.html?lang=en
8. Amir Niakooee and Saeed Pirmohammadi, The Middle East strategy of Europe towards the United States since the Arab spring, International Relations Research Journal.  Summer 2019. http://www.iisajournals.ir/article_92480.html?lang=en
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