Keywords = Russia
Maximum Pressure on the Islamic Republic of Iran as Multi-Layered Hybrid Warfare: An American Narrative

Volume 13, Issue 35, January 2022, Pages 113-128


Hassan Hosseini; Amir Mohsen Hadian Rasanani; Seyed Mohammad Kazem Sajjadpour

Iran and Russia's great power Role (with emphasis on the Syrian crisis)

Volume 12, Issue 34, July 2021, Pages 464-492


Naser Pourhassan; Majid Barfgafkan

The Middle East and Iran in Russia's Foreign Policy after the Ukraine War

Volume 12, Issue 34, July 2021, Pages 493-524


Seyed Amir Niakooee; Hossein Rahdar

Georgia in Russian Foreign Policy: Implications for Iran

Volume 12, Issue 33, January 2021, Pages 151-174


Rahmat Hajimineh; Amir Mohammad Moghani

Russia's Strategy Toward Nagorno-Karabakh and Georgia (2008-2020)

Volume 11, Issue 32, July 2020, Pages 467-491

Aref Bijan

Syrian Crisis and Russian Iranian Strategic Partnership

Volume 8, Issue 26, December 2017, Pages 26-49

Seyed Hasan Mirfakhraei

Continuity and Change in the Construction of Enemy Image in Pre-Revolutionary Iran

Volume 4, Issue 15, November 2015

Farhad Ataei; Seyed Ali Monavari