Keywords = China
Iran and the Global Transition of Power: Perspectives and Viewpoints

Volume 12, Issue 33, January 2021, Pages 217-236

Afifeh Abedi; Abas Aslani

An Analysis of China's Military Diplomacy towards Iran

Volume 12, Issue 33, January 2021, Pages 279-305

Vahid Ghorbani; Mostafa Pakdel Majd; Mehrdad Alioour

China’s Belt and Road Initiative Dominance or Development and American Response

Volume 11, Issue 31, January 2020, Pages 143-168

Ghodratollah Behboudi Nejad

Chinese Belt and Road Initiative and Regional Integration in the Middle East

Volume 9, Issue 28, October 2018, Pages 139-160

Seyed Mohammad Tabatabaei; Song Jiang Bo

China and the Persian Gulf Policy: Growing Ties

Volume 5, Issue 20, January 2016

Sika Sadoddin

Iran-China Relations: An Overview of Critical Factors

Volume 1, Issue 4, November 2015

Mohsen Sahriatinia