From Strategic Similarity to Tactical Differences: Iran and the 2020 US Presidential Election

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Ph.D. of International Relations, University of Tehran


The US presidential election has always been influenced by the competition of candidates in the context of explaining domestic and foreign policy issues and providing solutions to overcome the crises ahead. During the election campaign in the field of foreign policy, several issues are raised. These include threats from Russia, China, North Korea, and the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the present article, the issue of Iran in the 2020 US presidential election has been examined in two levels: strategic imagery and tactical approaches. The question of the present study is what are the similarities and differences between the issue of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the foreign policy of Biden and Trump during the election campaign at both strategic and tactical levels? In response to this question, the following research hypothesis is proposed. In Biden and Trump's campaign policies at the level of strategic explanation, the Islamic Republic of Iran is in a similar situation in terms of being at the macro level of security threats, but at the level of tactics and methods of dealing, Trump seeks to score points all at once in the form of pressure policy. It was maximal, and Biden sought to take advantage of transatlantic multilateralism and gradual and gradual scoring by criticizing Trump's approach. The data collection method in the present study is documentary and the analysis method is descriptive-descriptive.


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Article Title [Persian]

از تشابه راهبردی تا تفاوت تاکتیکی: مسئله ایران و انتخابات 2020 ایالات متحده

Author [Persian]

  • امیر عباسی خوشکار
دکتری روابط بین الملل، دانشگاه تهران

Keywords [Persian]

  • تحریم‎های ایران
  • مذاکرات هسته‎ای
  • انتخابات ریاست جمهوری ایالات متحده
  • فشار حداکثری
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