The U.S. Role in Iran- EU Relations (1990-2020)

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Allameh Tabataba'i University, Tehran, Iran


In view of the EU’s position in international policy arena and its evolving foreign relations with I.R.I, this research first attempts to elucidate the background of EU-I.R.I foreign relations as well as the EU foreign policy towards Iran and then proceeds to address the importance of Iran for the EU. Efforts have also been put into giving an account of the US role in convergence and divergence of such relations followed by examination of the EU and the Middle East, Iran and WMD as well as issues of human rights and democracy in Iran-EU relations. However, due to interruptions in discourse making in all fields of Iran-EU foreign relations, it seems that these two important actors have not utilized the available opportunities in political terms with significant impacts on their bilateral commercial and economic ties.


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نقش ایالات متحده در روابط ایران-اتحادیه اروپا (1990-2020)

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  • سیدحسن میرفخرائی
دانشگاه علامه طباطبائی