China’s Belt and Road Initiative Dominance or Development and American Response

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lecturer at Islamic Azad university, Rafsanjan, Iran


Chinas` ambitious Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) has attracted the eye of the many economists worldwide. Many of these economists believe that the Belt and Road Initiative is part of China’s vision of a world where America will no longer be the dominant superpower. It is possible that this may be true. China has committed an outsized chunk of its resources towards this project. More than $1 trillion worth of investments are poured into projects which are directly or indirectly associated with the Belt and Road Initiative. the question is of what else the U.S should do if it’s serious about countering Chinese influence.? Will the developing world fall under China’s sway? whether the U.S should worry about the economic and political influence these projects may bring for China? This paper to both identify areas of common interest and possible cooperation, also as shed light on areas of disagreement that need further work.


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ابتکار کمربند جاده چین، توسعه یا تسلط و پاسخ آمریکا

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  • قدرت الله بهبودی نژاد