Critical Studies and the Middle East Peace Process

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1 faculty member at the School of Law and Political Science, Islamic Azad University, Karaj branch

2 Islamic Azad University, Science and Research Branch (Isfahan)


The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is one of the complicated crises that traces back to nearly a century ago. It caused severe challenges and brought about disastrous consequences both for the Middle East region and the conflicting parties. Numerous attempts have taken place so far by different states, organizations and individuals to establish a lasting and comprehensive peace in this conflict, but given the intransigence positions of the conflicting parties, the attempts were futile and still there is no light at the end of this tunnel. The limitations of the realistic viewpoint that dominates the conflict and considers its signs rather than its root causes, made us tackle the issue through a proper, more appropriate approach.. To us, critical studies, particularly the emancipation approach which goes beyond the realistic limitations, deliberates the contemporary and historical conditions together with its nature and tries to remove situations leading to the conflict is a more viable strategy to achieve a lasting peace.


Article Title [Persian]

مطالعات انتقادی و روند صلح خاورمیانه

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  • نظریه انتقادی
  • رهایی
  • اسرائیل
  • فلسطین
  • روند صلح خاورمیانه
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