Clash of Interests and Middle East Security

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1 University of Mazandaran

2 Bamberg University (Germany)


Abundance of cellar springs, ethnic and religious pluralism and exclusive status on the one hand, political- economic crispy, cultural clashes and confluence of regional and trans-regional powers on the other hand have identified  the Middle East as an endless region in the world. In other words, transcendence of power politics, utilitarianist and interest-oriented calculations has shown  the Middle East as an area of diverse admixture. In this situation, based upon interest-oriented and national rationality, regional and transregional powers are trying to design the security geometry of the Middle Eastsubsystem. Indeed, the presence of trans-regional actors and regional powers attempting to map the region’s security has transformed the Middle East as a pole of the world’s security- political exchanges. This paper attempts to probe the security approaches of Iran, the USA and the EU as regional and trans-regional actors towards the Middle East.


Article Title [فارسی]

تعارض منافع و امنیت خاورمیانه

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  • علی اکبر جعفری 1
  • وحید ذوالفقاری 2