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Shiraz University, School of Law and Political Sciences


The Arab nations of the Middle East have recently become the center of religious and ethnic aggression. This paper aims to answers to the following question: what efficient approach can be used to reduce of the religious violence in Middle East by political sociological approach? This paper indicates that the formation of a regional peaceful social movement can be effective in reducing religious tensions and violence in the Middle East if it finds associated with tolerant and committed participation and activism of civil-intellectual elites and nongovernmental groups, beyond religious divisions and fanaticism. The government’s continuous effort for reduction of poverty and good distributive policies for the masses is also of great importance in this regard Furthermore, this must be followed by the presentation of practical strategies for peace and the integration of the masses. The authors believe that regional social movement along with the integration of public opinion and the production of attitudinal and intellectual transformation in the masses can deprive violent Takfiri groups, such as ISIS, from public support. This can lead to a social bottom-up and general pressure and coercion for peace and, ultimately, necessitate the regional and trans-regional powers to establish peace, but it is a time-consuming process.


Article Title [فارسی]

جنبش اجتماعی منطقه‎ای؛ الزام گریزناپذیر برای صلح در خاورمیانه

Keywords [فارسی]

  • صلح
  • خشونت آئینی
  • جنبش اجتماعی منطقه‎ای
  • تروریسم
  • خاورمیانه