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Considering the developments of the international community and the emergence of a relative turn from materialism and central security to culture-based discourse, "culture" and "cultural relations" have become an important element in the foreign policy of countries. Accordingly, "cultural diplomacy" is considered as a major priorities of foreign policy. The adoption of cultural diplomacy by the two states of Iran and Japan and the pursuit of cultural activities to maintain and develop mutual relations between the two countries under the conditions of Iran's nuclear sanctions indicate the importance of cultural relations at a time when political and economic relations undergo some inadequacies. Two countries of Iran and Japan, through various cultural exchanges under the tough conditions arising from sanctions, have attempted to mitigate the already generated negative space and keep communication channels open so that political and economic ties can be quickly restored to the normal state when the required conditions are met.


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دیپلماسی فرهنگی؛ مطالعه موردی روابط ایران و ژاپن در دوره تحریم

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  • ایران
  • ژاپن
  • دیپلماسی فرهنگی
  • تحریم
  • روابط سیاسی-اقتصادی