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Zeinab Ghasemi Tari

International Relations Assistant Professor, Faculty of World Politics


A House with Many Rooms: Perceptions of Lebanese Political and Intellectual Elites toward Iran

Ghasemi Tari Zeinab (2019).comma-char The First Biennial Conference on Contemporary Iranian Studies, 2019comma-char 10-11 Novembercomma-char Tehrancomma-char Iran.

Fiction and Politics of Islamophobia: A Case Study of Greg Hrbek’s Not on Fire, but Burning

Marandi Seyed Mohammad،  Ghasemi Tari Zeinab (2019).comma-char Journal of World Sociopolitical Studiescomma-char 3(3)comma-char 483-516.

Conflict Promotion or Prevention: The Role of Iranian Diaspora in Post-Revolutionary Iran-US Relations

Ghasemi Tari Zeinab (2019).comma-char Peace and Conflict Resoultioncomma-char 29-30 Aprilcomma-char Tehrancomma-char IRAN.