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Faculty of World Studies, University of Tehran


The present study was conducted to investigate how Trump’s unilateral withdrawal from Iran’s nuclear deal on May 8, 2018 has been framed in political cartoons published in French media. In this paper, a thematic analysis of published cartoons available on Google images from May 8, 2018 to June 8, 2018 was presented. Five categories of news frames identified by Semetko and Valkenburg (2002) (i.e., Conflict, Human interest, Economic consequences, Morality, and Responsibility frames) were also applied on selected cartoons to observe how these frames are used on political cartoons in French news outlets. The research aims to respond to the following questions: By conducting a case study on political cartoons about Trump’s withdrawal from Iran’s nuclear deal in French media, this paper attempts to answer the following questions:RQ1-What types of news frames (according to Semetko and Valkenburg, 2002) have been chosen in these political cartoons? RQ 2-How French critical position vis à vis Trump’s decision to withdraw from Iran’s nuclear deal has been reflected in French cartoons?Findings of the study showed that withdrawal of Trump from Iran’s nuclear deal has been framed mostly as a threat for France and has been considered in a bilateral perspective between USA and France.


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