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associate professor in the Department of International Relations


There has been an almost unprecedented degree of hostility and hostile rhetorical exchanges during the last few years among major regional actors in the Middle East. Many observers are concerned about the formation of an escalating security dilemma in the region with unintended and/or unpredictable consequences. This article seeks to explain the current security dilemma in the region on the basis of the threat perceptions of three major regional actors, i.e., Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey2 , and the way in which their attempts for constituting a balance against each other may either lead to more problems in the region or less tensions. It will demonstrate how any act by the actors out of defensive concerns might be interpreted by others as an offensive approach. Yet it is suggested that through dialogue and confidence building measures much of the distrust and uncertainties can be overcome.


Article Title [فارسی]

ادراکات از تهدید و معمای امنیتی در خاورمیانه

Author [فارسی]

  • حمیرا مشیرزاده

Keywords [فارسی]

  • مناقشات خاورمیانه
  • موازنه قوای منطقه ای
  • معمای امنیتی
  • ایران
  • عربستان سعودی
  • ترکیه