Keywords = Foreign Policy
Iran and US General Election Debates (from 2004-2016)

Volume 12, Issue 33, January 2021, Pages 5-32

Ebrahim Mohseni Cheraghlou; Zeinab Ghasemi Tari; Aliakbar Abbasi

National Role Perceptions and Biden's Foreign Policy towards Iran

Volume 12, Issue 33, January 2021, Pages 127-150

Elham Rasooli Saniabadi

Salafism and Saudi Arabia’s Middle East Policy Towards Iran

Volume 12, Issue 33, January 2021, Pages 237-255

Reza Simbar; Kamran Karami

Containment Strategy of the United States and the United Arab Emirates Toward Iran

Volume 11, Issue 32, July 2020, Pages 383-405

Hadi Gholamnia; Saeed Pirmohammadi; Mohammad Bagher khodadadi

Iranian-Indian Relations: Transportation Factor

Volume 11, Issue 32, July 2020, Pages 567-590

Sara Zare

The U.S. Role in Iran- EU Relations (1990-2020)

Volume 11, Issue 31, January 2020, Pages 273-302

Seyyed Hassan Mirfakhraei

Iran and The United States Foreign Policy towards Kurdistan

Volume 10, Issue 29, February 2019, Pages 5-24

Mohammad Akraminai

The Policy of the United States Congress Toward Iran (2005-2017)

Volume 8, Issue 26, December 2017, Pages 5-25

Reza Simbar; Ehsan Ejazi

An Iranian Narrative of Tehran Riyadh Tension Escalation

Volume 8, Issue 26, December 2017, Pages 108-134

Ali Omidi; Zahra Aghamohammadi

European Sanctions against Iran: Impacts and Effectiveness

Volume 6, Issue 22, November 2016

Roxana Niknami

The Foreign Relations of Iran and South Korea: Separation of Economy and Politics

Volume 7, Issue 23, January 2016

Mohammad Jafar Javadi Arjmand; Aejung Kim

China and the Persian Gulf Policy: Growing Ties

Volume 5, Issue 20, January 2016

Sika Sadoddin

Human Rights and US Foreign Policy: Rhetorics and Interests

Volume 5, Issue 19, November 2015

Alireza Tajvidi

Iran’s Foreign Policy between the Two Revolutions

Volume 5, Issue 17, November 2015

Rouhollah Eslami

A Cost-Benefit Analysis of Diplomatic Relations between Iran and the United Kingdom (1989-2011)

Volume 4, Issue 16, November 2015

Abuzar Gohari Moqaddam; Hojatollah Noori Sari

Ontological Security and the Foreign Policy Analysis of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Volume 2, Issue 6, November 2011

Seyed Jalal Dehghani Firoozabadi

Ups and Downs in Iran-Pakistan Ties

Volume 2, Issue 8, November 2011

Vali Kouzehgar Kaleji